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This half demolished building is a thing of beauty to me. I would pass it on my way to work in Alameda and always take time to look at it lovingly and longingly, knowing that it was transitory, and more precious because of it. This particular building being made of wood, an elemental part of nature made it more beautiful to me. The skeleton of a dying dream. Juxtapoz this with these red flowers, that I dont know the name of but love the color of. I see them on my too infrequent walks with my dog to a neighborhood park (poor puppy).They are fire in flower form, reaching for the sky. The reds bring out the deep hues in the wood, and together they are death and life incarnate.

Brown demolished urban buiding red flowers
The Growth of Recovery and the Wreckage of Addiction 2
Digital Photography
17" x 12.75"

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