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When I worked in Alameda I would tend to park my car next to this abandoned building with smashed windows all boarded up. One day some particularly beautiful and lyrical graffitti popped up, made all the more magical by the artist ignoring whether he was painting on the window, or the wood behind the smashed out bits. On this particular day the sun was creating a shadow that added to the playful whimsical but dark and slightly dangerous feel of this sexy peice of found art, and of course, I was hooked, and had to have it, if only in photographic form. But it was missing something in translation, my emotional love and excitement did not come thorugh. It was all yang with no yin. Hard and cold. These flowers from, I cant rememeber where, seemed to complement the colors well, and warmed the piece up nicely, amping up the sexy sensuality.

Growth and Wreckage 1-Digital Photography
The Growth of Recovery and the Wreckage of Addiction 1
Photo Collage
15" x 15"

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