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I’ve loved classic cars since I was a teenager, when I got my first muscle car. I still remember it vividly, I loved that car. So of course when I saw a classic Chevy parked in a driveway in Alameda, CA, I was drawn like a moth to a flame. The neighbor across the street eyed me a little suspiciously as I took picture after picture, but after assuring him that I wasn’t a spy, he seemed to relax. As I wandered through the neighborhood the car stuck in my mind as I wondered how I could use it in an image. Because, of course, I did have to use it. Then I found this beautiful old Ford. I spent alot of time figuring out how to balance the two perfectly against each other to highlight and enhance the beauty of both. When I look at this picture I am flooded with warm memories of the car from my past.

Classic - Digital Photography
Digital Photography
16" x 16"

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